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Business Model

Soricimed is a drug discovery and development company seeking collaborative alliances at a pace and cost-oriented focus to meet the needs of our stakeholders.  On the one hand, our mission is to discover and deliver medical innovation to treat unmet medical management needs in various disease conditions. On the other, our target customer/collaborator is the traditional pharmaceutical industry.

Soricimed is actively expanding and researching new uses for the soricidin technology as well as new products that are consistent with the corporate purpose to enhance health, performance and wellbeing.

Considering the view in many circles that “pharma” is in an innovation deficit owing to patent expiries and disruption from generics, we further define our business strategy in addressing this paradigm shift in the industry as delivering innovative drug and diagnostics candidates to meet the needs for “clinical proof-of-concept gap fillers” in clinically relevant and market-driven sectors. Strategic opportunities such as licensing and partner deals among pharma, biotech, and specialty pharmaceutical companies are driving pipeline development.

The company is positioned to achieve its corporate goal of playing an active role as a major player in the gap-filling strategies of global pharmaceutical companies.