AACR (American Academy for Cancer Research), New Orleans, Louisiana
AACR (American Academy for Cancer Research), New Orleans, Louisiana

This conference theme, "Delivering Cures Through Cancer Science," reinforced the inextricable link between research and advances in patient care. The theme was evident throughout the meeting as the latest, most exciting discoveries were presented in every area of cancer research.

We presented 3 posters based on pre-clinical and clinical research conducted on our lead anti-cancer drug candidate SOR-C13, a first-in-class inhibitor of the TRPV6 calcium channel:

Cancer cell binding, internalization and intracellular localization of a novel therapeutic peptide SOR-C13 targeting the TRPV6 oncochannel

Abstract Number: LB-051
Session: Late-Breaking Research: Cancer Chemistry
Time: Sunday April 17, 1:00PM - 5:00PM.

The company presented data demonstrating the anti-tumor targeting potential for the SOR-C series peptides specifically targeting the TRPV6 calcium channel, a novel target in oncology, over expressed in solid tumors cancers.

High prevalence of elevated TRPV6 mRNA in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Abstract Number: LB-128
Session: Late-Breaking Research: Clinical Research 1
Time: Monday April 18, 8:00AM-12:00PM.

The presentation focussed on the high prevalence of elevated TRPV6 mRNA in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. TRPV6 is highly elevated in carcinomas including prostate, breast, lung and ovary and is correlated with poor outcomes. Phase I clinical trial results from SOR-C13 showed the potential of targeting TRPV6 in advanced adenocarcinomas of the pancreas.

A phase I open-label, dose escalation study of a novel peptide (SOR-C13) antagonistic to the TRPV6 ion channel in patients with advanced solid tumor cancers

Abstract Number: CT142
Session: Phase 1 Clinical Trials 2
Time: Wednesday, April 20, 8:00AM -12:00PM

Principal investigator Dr. Siqing Fu of MD Anderson Cancer Research Center reported the results of the Phase I clinical trial of SOR-C13, a first-in-man, selective, peptide inhibitor of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 6 (TRPV6) calcium oncochannel. The objectives of the study were to assess safety and tolerability as well as the effect of SOR-C13 on solid cancers including lung, colon, breast and prostate cancers in patients that have failed conventional anti-cancer therapies.

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