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Soricimed Biopharma Inc.

Soricimed Biopharma Inc. is dedicated to advancing the development and commercialization of its therapeutic and diagnostic programs. Soricimed is a clinical-stage private drug and diagnostic development company created in 2005 following the discovery and development of a proprietary peptide, soricidin. Soricidin is the basis for Soricimed’s targeted cancer management program focused on advanced solid tumours of epithelial origin. Using focused innovative strategies in collaboration with major world-class cancer research institutions, Soricimed’s drugs have demonstrated a capability to reduce cancer cell viability, induce apoptosis and to reduce tumour growth and volume with no demonstrable toxicity. Soricimed is in the midst of a Phase I multicenter, open-label, dose escalation study, taking place at cancer centres in both Canada and the United States.


The technologies that Soricimed is developing arise from the abilities of our peptides to modulate ion channel activity. The oncology management platform arises from the ability of soricidin and the C-series peptides to modulate the activity of a non-voltage gated calcium ion channel.