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Strategic Research Partnerships

In its early days as a quasi-virtual entity, Soricimed adopted the strategy to be seen as an innovatively focused, biopharmaceutical entity delivering discovery to innovation in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Using management’s broader networks, we sought fee-for-service research agreements with external collaborators working at the leading edge to fill our internal core capability gaps. In Canada, this knowledge base resides within national university centres of excellence, private contract research organizations, and within the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) laboratories.

  • The company and the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute (ACRI: have established a formal collaboration to develop an early diagnostic for ovarian cancer based on Soricimed’s unique, proprietary cancer management platform.
  • A unique opportunity availed itself with a centre of excellence with the BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) in conjunction with the Living Tumour Laboratory (LTL).  This lead to the ability to be one of the initial clients to use patient-derived tumours from LTL’s bank of specimens in our preclinical animal modeling activities.
  • Soricimed continues to garner value-added returns in its fee-for-service research agreements with various NRC institutions. Before reorganization of NRC this included the NRC Institute for Biological Sciences in Ottawa, NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences in Halifax, the NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics (Atlantic) in Halifax and the Institute for Biotechnology Research in Montreal. We continue this association by working with NRC Human Health Therapeutics.
  • We continue to interact with a network of CROs that can carry out research outside our core capacities.
  • The company has moved forward in placing together a consortium of senior regulatory and clinical experts in formalizing the path to and through clinical investigations.