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Diagnostics / Prognostics

The capacity to diagnose, stage and treat cancers from a single technological platform is very attractive in cancer management.  Referred to as “targeted management”, this approach underscores the importance of identifying non-responders as well as those patients who can be expected to respond positively to our C-series peptides.  Soricimed is developing a diagnostic suite of tools including tumour imaging, biopsies and blood tests.

Using the ability of our peptides to bind strongly to TRPV6 channels, we have deployed detectable tags on the peptide to use imaging protocols (fluorescence and MRI) to detect TRPV6-rich human ovarian and prostate tumours in mouse xenografts (see image below). The scanning protocols, we are developing will also allow monitoring changes in tumour size during a course of treatment. A SBI publication on the diagnostic use of our peptides can be found here and here.
By measuring the amount of TRPV6 in tumour biopsies with immunohistochemistry and with PCR-based measurement of TRPV6 mRNA we are able to differentiate cancers from healthy tissue and benign growths, a feature that may lead to a reliable early detection capability for these cancers and potential stratification of patients.
We are also developing the technology to detect overproduction of TRPV6 by tumours from analysis of blood samples.
mouse ovaries







A fluorescent marker attached to our diagnostic drug detects ovarian tumours.bullet