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Drug Delivery

An early finding during experiments to determine the distribution of injected C-peptides revealed a remarkable event. The C-peptides accumulate in lymph nodes. This immediately raised the possibility that the peptides could deal with metastases to lymph nodes.

A second application of the ability of the C-series peptides to home in on TRPV6-rich tumours (see here) would be to deliver other chemotherapeutics directly to the tumours. This approach (Peptide Drug Conjugate, PDC) would provide a way to reduce the doses required of existing drugs to levels where side effects could be minimal, but at the same time concentrate the drugs at the tumour. 

Early in vitro work with a peptide-Paclitaxel conjugate provided encouraging evidence for efficacy and allowed a presentation of PDC results at the World ADC conference in San Francisco, 2013 (see here for link to the poster). Our drug delivery platform has now moved into active development.








The drugs home-in on lymph nodes and deliver a fluorescent molecule to them.bullet