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Proprietary TRPV6-targeting peptide platform enables highly targeted treatments for several solid tumor cancers

Our Platform About TRPV6

Soricimed’s novel peptides target and bind to TRPV6, resulting in the ability to act as a primary therapeutic or as delivery vectors for other anti-cancer payloads

Our multi-application platform targets TRPV6, which is a selective calcium channel present in high amounts on the surface of solid tumor cancer cells and required for the growth, metastasis and resistance to programmed cell death.

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Our discovery of a toxin in the saliva of the venomous northern short-tailed shrew has led to the creation and continued development of a new class of targeted cancer treatments.

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We are seeking development and commercialization partners for SOR-C13. We are also seeking partnerships / research collaborations for our peptide-drug conjugate platform.

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We are a private oncology-focused company with multiple assets in clinical and preclinical development approaching near-term inflection points. Contact us to learn about current investment opportunities for accredited investors.

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