Targeted Therapeutics for Solid-Tumor Cancer

First-in-class inhibitors of a novel onco-channel

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We are developing cancer drug candidates that target and inhibit the function of TRPV6

TRPV6 is a selective calcium channel present in high amounts on the surface of cancer solid-tumor cells and required for the growth, metastasis and resistance to programmed death.

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We are a private oncology-focused company developing a new class of targeted cancer treatments. If you are an accredited investor and would like to learn about current investment opportunities please contact us.

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We are seeking development and commercialization partners for SOR-C13. We are also seeking partnerships / research collaborations for our peptide-drug conjugate platform.

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Our discovery of the toxin in the saliva of the venomous short-tailed shrew has led to the creation and continued development of a new class of targeted cancer treatments.

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Oncology Development Programs

SOR-C13 is a first-in-class peptide in development for the targeted treatment of cancer. A multi-center Phase 1 clinical trial is complete. The next clinical trials are planned for mid 2019.

We are also developing small peptide-drug conjugates that deliver potent cancer-killing payloads directly to tumors.

SOR-C13 Peptide-Drug Conjugate

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