Invest in Targeting Better Cancer Outcomes

Soricimed is a private company with multiple oncology programs in clinical and preclinical development. To date, we have been financed by high-net-worth individuals and angel investors. We are now seeking to raise additional funds to advance our multiple programs as they each approach near-term inflection points.

Interested in investing?

If you are an Accredited Investor and are interested in learning more about investment opportunities with Soricimed Biopharma, please contact us.

Why Soricimed?

We have developed a novel and proprietary TRPV6-targeting peptide platform enabling highly targeted treatments for several solid tumor cancers

Multiple TRPV6 applications in clinical and preclinical development approaching near-term inflection points

We are further along as it relates to utilizing TRPV6 as a target than anyone else in oncology

FDA orphan drug status has been obtained for SOR-C13 for the treatment of pancreatic and ovarian cancers

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