Our Platform

Multiple Application Targeting Platform

Soricimed has developed a novel platform consisting of a number of proprietary peptides that target a specific calcium ion channel, TRPV6. Our novel peptides target and bind to TRPV6, resulting in the ability to act as a primary targeted therapeutic or as delivery vectors for other anti-cancer payloads. When used as a delivery vector, our targeting peptides can deliver other anti-cancer agents directly and rapidly to the cancer cells. This method of delivery can:

  • Be less harmful to healthy cells
  • Have fewer side effects
  • Be more effective in killing cancer cells

Applications of our platform currently include a) Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) that provide precise delivery of radioisotopes to tumors, b) Peptide-Drug Conjugates (PDC’s) small peptide-drug conjugates that deliver potent cancer-killing payloads directly to tumors, and c) our lead drug candidate, SOR-C13 – a first-in-class, clinical stage TRPV6 inhibitor in development as a targeted therapeutic for the treatment of solid tumor cancers.

How our targeting platform works

Soricimed’s targeting platform consists of a number of proprietary synthetic peptide sequences, which are based on a small protein discovered by the company’s founders – originally found in the venomous saliva of the northern short-tailed shrew. This family of synthetic peptides bind to TRPV6 – a calcium ion channel. In certain solid tumor cancer families, TRPV6 becomes overexpressed, meaning there is more calcium going into the cell, and this increase in calcium plays a major role in a cancer cell’s ability to grow, proliferate, and metastasize. Cancers where TRVP6 becomes over-expressed include prostate, pancreatic, ovarian, breast, uterine, colon, and certain other solid tumor cancers.

Illustration of an enlarged prostate with cancerous cells growing. 

Enlarged Prostate

Prostate cancer is one of many solid tumour cancers where TRVP6 becomes over-expressed.

Soricimed’s novel peptides from its Targeting Platform address this overexpression of TRVP6 in the cancer cell by:

  • Targeting and binding to the overexpressed TRVP6 in a cancer cell at a high affinity, specificity and rate of accumulation. The peptides can selectively target the cells that over express TRVP6, bind to them, and then deliver a payload of an anti-cancer therapeutic directly.
  • Moving quickly. The peptides from the platform target and bind to the cancer cells rapidly and can then directly deliver, and internalize, the therapeutics.
  • Through this ability to select and bind to cancer cells quickly, the therapeutics are carried to the correct cells and spend less time lingering in the body affecting other, healthy cells. 
  • Therapeutic potential – At higher dosing, our targeted therapeutic peptides can block calcium going into the cancer cell leading then to a reduction in the cell’s proliferation, metastasis and growth, and increase the occurrence of apoptosis.

Learn how our TRPV6-targeting peptide platform works

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